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Technologically advanced carpet brands are plentiful

Carpet flooring is more versatile today than ever before because of advancing technology. Some brands are pet-friendly and others are spill-proof. Eco-friendly brands are made from recycled plastic. Belmont Carpets is a carpet retailer in Anaheim, California, that offers the latest styles from top quality flooring manufacturers. If a visit to our showroom is not convenient, you can take advantage of our shop at home service.


Nylon has been the most popular carpet fiber for decades. But a newer synthetic fiber, triexta, has been steadily gaining favor among homeowners. Both fibers are strong and durable, and both hold up well in a home's high traffic areas. Nylon is stain-resistant because it is treated in the factory while triexta inherently repels stains. Other synthetic fibers may suit your needs. Olefin resists mold and moisture and, therefore, is ideal for basements. Bright-colored polyester is best in low traffic areas like bedrooms.


Pile refers to the thickness of a carpet, as measured from its surface to its backing, and density of fibers. You should not see much of the backing when you fold a carpet sample into a U shape. Further, carpet can be constructed by bending fibers into loops and attaching it to the backing or by cutting the loops at the top. Loop pile tends to be more durable and resistant to indentations from heavy objects than a cut pile. Amount of twist or the number of times the fibers are twisted in a one-inch length, in a cut pile carpet helps to determine durability. Proper padding extends the life of any type of carpet.
Luxury carpet in Anaheim, CA from Belmont Carpets


Many carpet brands are designed to meet a specific need. Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean has built-in stain protection. Shaw’s New Life is waterproof while Clearly Chic is treated with R2X Stain Protector. The company’s ClearTouch brand is made of plastic from recycled soda bottles. Phenix, a division of Mannington, produces carpet flooring that features built-in Microban antimicrobial technology.

Belmont Carpets has been serving Anaheim, Tustin, Newport Beach, Irvine, Yorba Linda, and nearby California communities since 1965. Our knowledgeable flooring specialists can guide you through your flooring project, and our team of experienced installers can lay any type of carpeting. You can use our online form to request a quote or in-home measurement. Or get started on your carpet project by giving us a call or visiting our showroom in Anaheim.