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Laminate is a durable, multi-layer flooring

Laminate imitates wood and tile flooring. This versatile floor covering can be placed anywhere in the home, but it’s important to read labels when comparing brands.

Some brands work best in bedrooms and living, dining, and family rooms. Other brands are rated to deal with moist areas. Belmont Carpets is a laminate retailer in Anaheim, California, that offers a wide selection of flooring. You are sure to find the type that suits your needs.

Composition and characteristics

Usually, laminate planks imitate hardwood flooring and laminate tile mimics ceramic and stone flooring. Laminate flooring is warm underfoot, and it resists stains, scratches, dents, and other damage caused by daily use. It handles heavy traffic well, meaning that it is ideal for active families that include children and pets. It is easy to clean and maintain. Laminate is very durable because of its multi-layer construction. It is composed of four layers that are fused:

  • The backing layer provides stability and protection against moisture.
  • The core layer, made of densely compressed wood fiberboard, protects against indentations and moisture.
  • The design layer is a high-resolution photograph.
  • The wear layer protects the design layer from damage.


Laminate flooring is usually designed to fit together in tongue and groove fashion so that the finished floor floats above the subfloor. Wood and concrete are the best subfloors, however, planks and tiles can be installed over some existing flooring as well as radiant heat systems. Underlayment cushions and protects the flooring and helps it connect better and lay smoother. Some brands feature underlayment that is attached.
Modern laminate flooring in Newport Beach, CA from Belmont Carpets


It is best to read the manufacturer’s guidelines when purchasing waterproof laminate flooring. Usually, water or spills must be cleaned up within a specific amount of time or the floor will be damaged. This time frame varies among brands, but typically, it is no longer than 30 hours. In other words, if your dishwasher leaks on your week-long vacation, you may come home to find that your floor is both wet and damaged.

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